Ordering information for our non-US customers

The popularity of the pre-64 Winchester model 70 doesn't abide by international borders and certainly extends far beyond the US. We are proud to have served clients in more than 20 countries, including Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, Iran, Zimbabwe and more! We wish it were possible to offer all of our products to customers in every country. This is unrealistic, however, as many of our products are not legal for export from the US, not to mention the varied import regulations in prospective destination countries.

In order to maintain US ITAR compliance and prevent any potential for an accidental illegal export, we are changing our online ordering policy for non-US buyers. As of 1 May, 2018, our online ordering system will no longer accept orders from non-US buyers. The website will decline any attempted transactions with a non-US shipping address. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

We want our non-US customers to know it is still possible for you to purchase parts and accessories through us, but these orders will need to be manually processed and cannot be placed through the website. If you are seeking to order parts and have them shipped to a non-US address, please contact us through our CONTACT FORM. Let us know what parts you are seeking and what country you would like them shipped to. Generally speaking, we are able to ship any parts other than those directly associated with the firing action of the rifle. This means that for most countries we are able to ship stocks, slings, swivels, bottom metal, screws, followers, springs, sights, most scopes, and scope mounts without restrictions. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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