Bulk Sale - .300 H&H Barrel, Rechambered to .300 Weatherby Magnum

Bulk Sale - .300 H&H Barrel, Rechambered to .300 Weatherby Magnum

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This is a standard .300 H&H barrel that has been rechambered to .300 Weatherby Magnum; you are getting a "grab bag" barrel. None of these have great bores or finishes, but if you just need something to launch bullets, this might be your barrel. Some might have a good finish but a worn bore; some might have a decent bore but a worn finish. We have inspected each of these barrels and all should be fully safe to fire, assuming correct installation. All come with the front sight ramp. Some barrels have been stamped with the new chambering, some have not and will need to be marked before installation.

Bluing - Generally well worn, but without any rust.

Metal - Overall, these barrels may have scratches, dings, freckling, and rub marks. 

Bore - These barrels generally have some wear, pitting, or both.

Note - All barrels should be installed by a competent gunsmith to ensure proper head-spacing and timing.