Customer Gallery

Our customers are understandably proud of their model 70s, and we're proud to play a part in helping keep these great rifles shooting, showing, or just holding a spot in a customers' safe. This gallery is a tribute to the wide variety of customers who we have had the pleasure of serving. If your rifle is missing, send us a photo and we'll add it!

Fred C of Newport VA sent us these great shots of his 1948 standard rifle in .222 Remington Magnum. This heavy barreled custom is the creation of gunsmith W.S. Glodzik from Reading, PA and Fred tells us it will absolutely drive tacks. Great looking rifle, Fred!

Ronnie W. - an elected Justice of the Peace from Texas - couldn't stay away and came back to to purchase this 1949 .270 WCF.  We fitted it with a 2.5x Lyman Alaskan scope before we shipped off to Ronnie and we know he'll find a nice Texas white tail with this 70 year old rifle later this fall.


Harold S., a retired undersheriff from nearby Wenatchee, WA, brought in his weary and worn Featherweight for a much needed makeover. Two hours later, Harold and a transformed rifle walked out the door with new life. We installed a minty factory Featherweight barrel and stock, as well as much better bottom metal, sights and extractor. What was once a beater Featherweight might just now be the prize of his gunsafe!

Scott B. from just an hour south of us dropped off his 1942 Super Grade shooter for a stock restoration. That was 6 weeks ago and to be blunt, the rifle was in pretty rough shape.  Scott stopped by the shop today to pick up his rifle and was pretty tickled to see his old friend looking like we'd turned back the clock by a few decades! 

Keith K of Springfield, MO gave his 1955 .300 H&H a classic custom look with this vintage Bishop stock. We think it looks fantastic, Keith!  We also think it looks like you've got a pretty sweet spot to take a deer in that photo!

Sharok A. may live in California, but that didn't stop us from getting parts to him for his model 70 back in his homeland of Iran. Sharok is posed here with his .30-06 Sporter rifle, along with a blonde bear and a Persian leopard. Both photos were taken in Iran, and the photo with the bear was taken by the legendary Jack O'Connor

Tom R's .300 H&H Magnum is going on safari in Africa soon and it was our privilege to dress it up in this beautifully restored Monte Carlo stock.

Greg P bagged this nice black tail with his 1953 Featherweight .30-06. That deer looks huge for a coastal black tail, Greg!

The US Army Pennsylvania National Guard Armory was glad to get the bolt repaired on this "US PROPERTY" engraved .308 Target model. It's the last model 70 in their arsenal and we worked for nearly a year with an Armory Specialist to get the approvals necessary to see this rifle repaired, rather than sent out for "decommissioning".

We were happy to help Larry G find a good replacement barrel for his .300 H&H

It was a pleasure to pay one special customer a visit and see first-hand a few of his truly rare pieces - that rifle in my hands is an original and perfect straight taper pre-war rifle chambered in 9M/M

Gordon H sent us a photo of his stunning SG Featherweight - a truly rare beauty!

Greg P's all-weather hunter, Cerakoted in OD and wearing McMillan furniture. Greg is taking advantage of the fact the pre-64 model 70 is still one of the best hunting rifles money can buy!

We were happy to help Ronnie W re-stock his nice .300 H&H.

Wolfgang M came to us all the way from Höchstädt an der Donau, Germany for a stock and scope.

Darrell A upgraded from a "customized" Monte Carlo to this clean straight comb stock.