Canjar Trigger

Canjar Trigger

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As model 70 enthusiasts already know, the factory pre-64 model 70 trigger is truly an excellent trigger. A skilled gunsmith can lighten the pull and reduce travel of the factory trigger down to very acceptable levels - far better than most standard rifle triggers.

These Canjar triggers are used in excellent condition and include the single-set trigger shoe.

However, for more than 60 years, the M.H. Canjar trigger has been considered the ultimate trigger upgrade to the model 70. The Canjar trigger delivers unmatched adjustability and consistent pulls, which is why it remains one of the most popular triggers every made.  Like other trigger upgrades to the model 70, the Canjar eliminates the problem of slam-firing at lighter pull weights. The Canjar trigger is an all-steel cartridge style trigger specifically designed for the pre-64 model 70. The pull weight on the Canjar trigger can be reliably adjusted from several pounds down to pull weights in the ounces. 

While MH Canjar is no longer in business, we have vintage Canjar triggers available which are in very good condition and ready for continued life on their next rifle.

If you are ordering this part for a action build, we are happy to install the trigger and set the pull to your specifications. Canjar triggers can be more difficult to install than a Timney, as they sometimes require slight modification of the firing pin engagement lug, but it is work that can easily be accomplished by any qualified gunsmith.