Miscellaneous Rifle Scopes - $35 Each

Miscellaneous Rifle Scopes - $35 Each

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Here's a bunch of miscellaneous scopes, pick the ones you want for $35 a piece and send us a message so we know which ones to ship.

From left to right:

1. Bushnell Sharpshooter - 3-9X32 - duplex reticle, a few light scratches

2. Simmons 44 Mag Wide Angle - 3-10x44 - duplex reticle, light scratches, ring marks

3. Nikko Sterling Silver Crown - 4-12x - duplex reticle, very good condition

4. Tasco - 3-9x32 - duplex reticle, ring marks

5. Bushnell Banner II - 3-9x32 - fine crosshair, excellent condition

6. Bushnell Banner - 4x32 - duplex reticle, range adjustment dial, very good condition

7. Cheyenne - 4x32 - fine crosshair, very good condition

8. SOLD OUT - Weaver KV - 2.75x or 5x - post and crosshair, worn spots in finish

9. Bausch & Lomb Balvar - 2.5-4x? - no internal crosshair adjustment, needs adjustable mounts, very good condition

All scopes appear to be fully functional; all are 1" tubes.

We use the NRA Modern Gun Condition Standards Grading System for grading part conditions. You can read about it HERE