The High Country Rifle
The High Country Rifle

The High Country Rifle


The High Country Rifle is a fully customized hunting rifle, built to your specifications.  

Born in the wild Cascade Range of Washington State, the High Country Rifle offers exceptional accuracy, versatility and durability. Lightweight and rugged, the High Country Rifle is a precision hunting rifle built around six core elements:

  1. A blueprinted & hand-tuned pre-64 Winchester model 70 action
  2. A carbon-fiber ultralight stock
  3. A match-grade, hand-lapped stainless barrel
  4. Fully pillar bedded action
  5. Lightweight alloy bottom metal
  6. Precision tuned, adjustable trigger

Weighing barely over 6 pounds, the High Country Rifle is designed specifically for the hunter on the move, delivering the lowest possible weight, superb balance, and the ruggedness to withstand extremes of weather and terrain. With its blueprinted action mated to a hand-lapped, match-grade barrel, and a trigger tuned to perfection, the High Country Rifle delivers exceptional long-range accuracy in a lightweight and and durable rifle. 

    The High Country rifle action is tailored to the cartridge you select, including all correct action parts. As a result, some chamberings will add cost to the rifle build.

    Your High Country Rifle will be tailored to your exact tastes and specifications - everything from the caliber to the color will be your choice. Even the production year of the pre-64 action can be to your preference. Because this is truly a custom rifle build, the lead time for delivery of your new High Country Rifle is approximately 4 months.

    Once your order is placed, we will be contacting you regarding the exact details of your rifle build. Choosing from the options at right will help us get started on the details of your rifle which require the longest lead time. You will have an opportunity to change these options after your order is placed and we speak with you directly about your rifle build.