The High Country Rifle
The High Country Rifle
The High Country Rifle

The High Country Rifle


The High Country rifle is lightweight precision-built hunting rifle which can be fully customized and tailored to be the rifle of your dreams. 

A LEGENDARY ACTION:  Every High Country rifle is built on the ultimate foundation – the pre-1964 Winchester model 70 action – the gold standard sporting rifle action for more than 80 years. The pre-64 action is a true controlled round feed action offering precise cartridge feeding and unmatched dependability. The High Country action is blueprinted and hand-lapped in our shop for precision and smoothness not found in any other action

THE BEST BARREL: is partnered with the world’s leading barrel manufacturers enabling us to deliver a quality of barrel worthy of the best rifle you will every own. High Country rifles are built with barrels from Douglas, Krieger, Lilja or Shilen. We will work with you to determine the barrel best suited to your needs and your intended use for your rifle.

SIX CORE ELEMENTS:  The baseline High Country rifle platform includes 6 core elements:

  1. A blueprinted & hand-tuned pre-64 Winchester model 70 action
  2. A precision tuned, adjustable trigger from Timney
  3. Lightweight alloy bottom metal
  4. A match-grade, hand-lapped stainless barrel
  5. An ultralight stock from McMillan, custom pillar bedded to your action
  6. Full metal finishing, including bluing or Cerakote coating system

HAND-BUILT:  High Country rifles are made entirely in-house in one of two shops, located in Woodinville and Arlington, Washington. These are not factories, but workshops where skilled gunsmiths hand-build custom rifles with a focus on precision, fit and finish. We build rifles one at a time, fitting and finishing each part by hand. Our approach permits us to take the time required to fit and chamber each barrel exactly to the action it will be mated with. This meticulous attention to detail delivers the greatest possible accuracy in the finished rifle. Our hand-built approach means we produce less than 100 rifles each year. 

    A SUPERB BASELINE RIFLE:  The baseline High Country rifle platform integrates the 6 core elements into an ultralight rifle weighing barely over 6 pounds.  This rifle is designed for the hunter on the move, delivering the lowest possible weight, superb balance, and the ruggedness to withstand extremes of weather and terrain.  The baseline High Country rifle platform delivers exceptional long-range accuracy in a lightweight and durable rifle. Every High Country rifle reliably shoots sub-MOA groups. 

    STEP BEYOND THE BASELINE PLATFORM:  While the baseline High Country rifle is a world class rifle, most of our clients require some changes to suit their specific wants and needs. This is where working with the team will truly set your rifle apart. Every High Country rifle can be fully tailored and customized and no two rifles are alike. Whether you need a special rifling twist in your bore, a unique barrel contour, a superior grade walnut stock, custom bottom metal, engraving, specialty metal finishes, or literally any other customization to your rifle, we will put our team to work and make it happen.

    Contact us today and let’s begin designing the rifle of your dreams!

    Because the High Country rifle is a true custom rifle build, the lead time for delivery ranges from 4 to 12 months, depending on the specifics of the build.

    Once your order is placed, we will be contacting you regarding the exact details of your rifle build. Choosing from the options at right will help us get started on the details of your rifle which require the longest lead time. You will have an opportunity to change these options after your order is placed and we speak with you directly about your rifle build.

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