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~ Intertwined ~ The Inseparable Legacies of Jack O'Connor and the Winchester Model 70

Jack O'Connor is the central figure in the history of the Winchester model 70 - no individual contributed more to the legend and legacy of the rifle. O’Connor’s was enormously influential in making the pre-64 model 70 desired, and also in making the post-1963 model 70 despised.  As such, it is impossible to separate the legacy of the model 70 from that of Jack O’Connor.  This article takes a look at O'Connor's history and his relationship with the Winchester model 70.

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Building a Custom Rifle on the Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Action

This Campfire article walks the reader through the process of building a custom rifle and addresses the questions we are most frequently asked by prospective custom rifle builders. Starting with selecting a receiver, and working all the way through choosing the right barrel and furnishing your rifle with a stock, this article will familiarize you with the process of building a custom rifle, discussing factors to consider when making many of the key decisions which must be made along the way to a completed rifle.

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Making sense of the pre-64 model 70 receiver

What is the best pre-64 Winchester model 70 receiver for building a rifle .270 WSM on? Is there even such a thing as a short-action magnum receiver in the pre-64 years? If I am building a .300 Weatherby magnum, should I choose the H&H magnum receiver, or will the short magnum receiver work? This Campfire article will address the most common questions and misconceptions we see regarding pre-64 receiver differences, as they relate to chambering.

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