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The Legendary US Marine Corps Model 70 Sniper Rifle

On May 29, 1942, eager to do their part in the war effort, Winchester shipped 373 model 70 standard .30-06 rifles to the US Marine Corps. Winchester requested the Marines evaluate the rifles generally for suitability of use in combat, and specifically for use as sniper rifles. Two months later the Marine Corps replied to Winchester in a memo which stated: Subject: Rifles, Winchester, Model 70, .30 Government 06. The subject rifles are not considered suitable for general service use for the following reasons:  Not sufficiently sturdy Parts are not interchangeable with M1903 and M1 parts Replacement parts will be difficult to procure Not fitted with sling swivels.  These rifles are not considered suitable for use as sniper rifles. The...

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Building a Custom Rifle on the Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Action

This Campfire article walks the reader through the process of building a custom rifle and addresses the questions we are most frequently asked by prospective custom rifle builders. Starting with selecting a receiver, and working all the way through choosing the right barrel and furnishing your rifle with a stock, this article will familiarize you with the process of building a custom rifle, discussing factors to consider when making many of the key decisions which must be made along the way to a completed rifle.

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Making sense of the pre-64 model 70 receiver

What is the best pre-64 Winchester model 70 receiver for building a rifle .270 WSM on? Is there even such a thing as a short-action magnum receiver in the pre-64 years? If I am building a .300 Weatherby magnum, should I choose the H&H magnum receiver, or will the short magnum receiver work? This Campfire article will address the most common questions and misconceptions we see regarding pre-64 receiver differences, as they relate to chambering.

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